Gideons Mob is in December Issue of PROG magazine! 

Great review of our song Wind and the Willows! : "The Pittsburgh ensemble, unite jazz temperaments with dark, art rock aesthetics and sprinklings of romantic classical"-----Prog magazine

Our 2nd album Space Cadet Supernova is ALMOST finished!   We just have some mixing to do for the final track Into The Shadowrealm!   

Dont forget to visit our TeeSprings Store for apparel based on our first album cover!  T-shirts based on Space Cadet Supernova will hit later on this summer! 

Gideons Mob 2nd album Space Cadet Supernova features Cover Art by artist extraordinare: Pablo Romero

Back Cover Art by: Mohammed Andy Mustofa

Internal Art by: Dinah Israel--

Can't Wait for everyone to see it!